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**Please allow at least 30 minutes drying time for pedi polish if you wish to put shoes/socks on prior to leaving the spa. Bring flip-flops if you need to leave immediately following your service.**

Ultimate Charcoal Pedicure…..….$58

Purify and detoxify with charcoal based foot soak, pumice scrub, refreshing masque, hot steamy towels, longer foot/leg massage & paraffin wax on your heels while we polish. Choose a heated neck wrap or a chilled eye mask as a bonus! Finish with expertly applied polish of your choice. (Approx. 55 min)

Fall Cider Pedi..….$50

We will treat you to a great pedicure featuring a apple/cinnomon exfoliating sugar scrub and massage lotion created just for us by Lotus & Lily! Includes paraffin heel treatment and polish of your choice. Enjoy a fresh VT apple cider or hot apple/cinnamon tea with your service. (Sept thru Thanksgiving; approx. 45 min.)

Signature Pedicure ……………….$46

A lavender and eucalyptus soak will relax you as we expertly shape your nails, remove dry skin and massage feet.  Exfoliating scrub OR paraffin heel treatment & polish of your choice.  (Approx. 45 min.)

**NEW** Add 10 minute Hot Stone massage to any pedicure ..................….…...$12

Specialty Pedicures………….$70

Amazing AHAVA

Our most relaxing pedicure! Soak your weary feet in a hot mineral foot bath and rejuventate with an exfoliating salt scrub,mud mask and hydrating foot cream; all with AHAVA Dead Sea products for a more natural alternative.  Includes extended foot & calf massages, warm paraffin heel treatment and expert polish application. (60-70 min.)

Footlogix Treatment Pedicure

Not just another pretty pedicure! The Footlogix     

“pedi-ceutical” line of products is designed to target conditions including: very dry skin, cracked heels, peeling skin and very rough or calloused skin on the feet. Our knowledgeable pedicurists will evaluate, rejuvenate and beautify your feet with customized products and tools.  At-home care will be recommended for lasting results and in cases of severe skin conditions more than one pedicure may be required for maximum results.  (60-70 min.)

>>>>Learn about the fantastic benefits of Footlogix here

B/S Brace Application

For relief of pain from ingrown or excessively curved big toenails. Think of it like a nasal strip which when applied to your nose opens the nasal passages to allow you to breathe easier. The B/S Brace is applied to the top of the big toenail and its tension eases the edges of the toenails up and out of the sore areas while it grows out! Less pain immediately and a permanent surgery-free solution over time! **Pedicure may NOT be done at the same visit or the adhesive will not stick properly. Please book pedicure 1-5 days prior to B/S Brace application appointment.**

1 Brace.................$35

2 Braces................$60

Add 15 minutes of Reflexology to any pedicure…….$20

10 min. Hot Soak & 15 min. Foot/calf Massage………$25

Add 15 min of Reflexology to any pedicure ………….$20

Good to know: Remember to bring flip flops! Please allow 20-30 minutes for drying time if you will need to put closed toed shoes back on after your service. Flip flops will allow you to leave promptly.

Winner of 6 “Seven Daysies” Awards, we know a thing or two about playing footsies - we’ve won for the best pedicures in town.  Put your feet in good hands at The Mini Spa VT.

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