What do white spots on my fingernails mean?

When you were younger, did your grandparents ever tell you that the little white spots in your fingernails were because you weren’t drinking enough milk? Or have you ever heard it was from a zinc deficiency? Both of these stories are myths.

White spots on fingernails - what they are, what they mean.Leukonychia spots (what we all know as “white spots”) are a whitish discoloration of the nails. These spots are usually caused by a minor injury to the nail matrix. White spots can appear frequently in the nails but do not indicate disease.

What most people don’t know is that these spots don’t show up right after an injury to the nail. It could take up to a few weeks before one of these spots appears. This gives us time to forget exactly what we might have done to injure our nail. It could be as simple as a soda can that was a little harder to open.

Avoiding these spots can be as easy as no longer biting your nails or using something else to open that box. So just take it easy and remember our nails aren’t made of metal.

How do you get rid of these white spots you ask? Just let them grow out. These little spots aren’t that big of a deal. There is no need to lose sleep over them. Most people experience these spots at least once in their lifetime. Don’t want to wait for your nails to grow out for these white spots to go away? Well come visit us at the Mini Spa, and treat yourself to a manicure to help hide those spots with one of our many beautiful colors!