How To Soothe Dry, Chapped Winter Skin

Feel like you are losing the battle against dry skin this winter, we can help.

Now that we are in full blown winter mode here in Vermont, the effects have started to set in. Dry, itchy, red skin kind of feeling like an alligator? Well we have the cure to bring your skin back to life!

Ren Lip Balm at Mini Spa VTChapped lips are a killer. It makes it nearly impossible to wear your favorite lipstick or eat your favorite foods. Try using Ren’s Vita Mineral lip balm. We all use it here at the Mini Spa and are in love.

Helpful Hint: Always put your lip balm on before going outside. They need to be protected right from the start.

Having some issues with dry chapped or even splitting of the skin on your hands?

It’s so hard to keep the moisture locked in. Well we have found the remedy. We now carry a new skin care line, Ahava. The hand cream is amazing. It can last through two hand washing, unheard of, right. And it has an all natural ingredient list straight from the dead sea.

Helpful hint: Don’t cut or clip those cracks on your fingers, try using a nail file or nail buffer to smooth them.

Taking good care of your skin all winter will make bringing in spring so much easier. And, we do live in Vermont, you never know when that first skin exposing warm day will strike so be ready.