Teens and Skin Care

Damage to our skin takes years to show itself. We should learn from our past skincare mistakes and begin our tweens and teenagers as early as possible.

Educating but also keeping it simple will be the best approach to talking to your kids about their skin care needs.

Many tweens or teens are embarrassed by their acne. Tween and teen acne is NORMAL! The influx of hormones and changes in the body creates more production of sebum, ie. oil. Some more than others. This evens out over time and can be helped with cleansing the face regularly.

Teen Skin Care

Most teens do not need harsh acne medications or topical ointments if they are cleansing their faces as needed, meaning morning and night. Harsh medications and ointments can over time damage the skin, cause kidney damage and can actually make the skin age faster. Most medications slow down or halt the production of sebum, we produce sebum to keep they skin hydrated and healthy and when you remove this from the skin, not only are you preventing acne but you’re dehydrating the skin which in turn can cause the skin to age faster.

Of course with any good skin care regimen sunscreen is always necessary, before leaving the house and during any prolonged exposure to the sun. Beginning early will protect your tween or teen from sun damage, age spots, premature wrinkles and especially skin cancer.

Getting your tween or teen on a simple yet regular regimen will be key for regulating acne and breakouts, it will also create a good foundation for future skin care maintenance.