You don’t have to choose just one of us….

As many of you know, one of our favorite team members has been out on maternity leave. While we have all missed Krista’s company, it did create an opportunity to have some fun conversations with guests that usually have their services with her. Krista will be returning in February, and some of our clients have been asking the question, “Who am I supposed to see when she comes back”? The answer is whomever you want! We don’t take it personally when our guests have services with multiple providers. In fact, it’s an enormous compliment… We are all so great that it’s become hard to decide whom you’d like to see!

The Mini Spa TeamMore often than not, we women tend to be very loyal, staying with our favorite beauty technicians for years. At The Mini Spa VT, we recognize this and welcome you to request your favorite spa service provider, BUT, we also encourage you to try us all, GUILT FREE! We offer a high standard of service, and you will get a quality shellac, pedicure, facial, or massage, no matter who is doing that service for you.

If your schedule doesn’t match up with your favorite gal, or you heard one of us loves to go crazy with glitter and you want to give that a try, don’t be afraid to see someone else! Challenge your comfort zone, and see someone new each time you come in! Let us help you conquer your fear of being a  “cheater”.