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How To Soothe Dry, Chapped Winter Skin

Feel like you are losing the battle against dry skin this winter, we can help.

Now that we are in full blown winter mode here in Vermont, the effects have started to set in. Dry, itchy, red skin kind of feeling like an alligator? Well we have the cure to bring your skin back to life!

Ren Lip Balm at Mini Spa VTChapped lips are a killer. It makes it nearly impossible to wear your favorite lipstick or eat your favorite foods. Try using Ren’s Vita Mineral lip balm. We all use it here at the Mini Spa and are in love.

Helpful Hint: Always put your lip balm on before going outside. They need to be protected right from the start.

Having some issues with dry chapped or even splitting of the skin on your hands?

It’s so hard to keep the moisture locked in. Well we have found the remedy. We now carry a new skin care line, Ahava. The hand cream is amazing. It can last through two hand washing, unheard of, right. And it has an all natural ingredient list straight from the dead sea.

Helpful hint: Don’t cut or clip those cracks on your fingers, try using a nail file or nail buffer to smooth them.

Taking good care of your skin all winter will make bringing in spring so much easier. And, we do live in Vermont, you never know when that first skin exposing warm day will strike so be ready.

What Is Urea? And Why Should You Care…

Pretty Smooth FeetWhen most people hear the word urea, urine is the first thing that comes to mind. And while urea is found in urine, they are not one in the same. It is actually a compound naturally found in the human body that exists in all HEALTHY cells. Urea used in personal care products is produced synthetically and is the #1 skin remedy for a myriad of skin conditions. Additionally, urea is non-toxic, non-allergenic, colorless and odorless. Oddly enough it’s a word we use a lot here at the Mini Spa and this is why…

  • Urea has been medically proven to have extraordinary anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties that promote the fast healing of dry cracked skin, eczema, psoriasis, rashes, acne, burns and other types of problem skin.
  • When skin cells have reduced levels of urea, the water binding capacity of the skin is decreased and moisture is lost. This leads to roughness, tightness, scaly or flaky skin and irritation.
  • The body can use synthetic urea in the same way as the urea naturally found in the skin. Scientists call it a true “humectant” because it is an important component of the body’s natural moisturizing process and can increase water content in the skin to 98%!
  • In combination with other effective and natural antioxidant ingredients, a great urea cream gives your skin the ability to attract moisture from the atmosphere and “pump” it back into thirsty cells.
  • Unlike just about all other types of moisturizers that contain high levels of pore clogging mineral oil that simply sit on the top layers of the skin and do nothing to actually improve it, urea increases the water-binding capacity of the skin.

Check out for more interesting scientific stuff, or for more information on the products we carry to help heal problem skin issues.

Does OPI Nail Lacquer contain harmful chemicals?

The health of our clients and service providers has always been a main concern at Tootsies Mini Spa. With that being said in this week’s blog we thought it was about time for us to touch base on the big question: Does OPI Nail Lacquer contain harmful chemicals? The answer is NO!

OPI Nail Lacquer is safeSince 2006 OPI has reformulated all of its nail lacquers, nail treatments, and nail hardeners to eliminate DBP(dibutyl phthalate) and toluene. Although their nail lacquers have never contained Formaldehyde, some strengtheners/hardeners and polishes do. But even strengtheners/hardeners that contain formaldehyde have 4 times lower levels than what’s considered a safe level by the USFDA.

Interesting fact: According to a study done in California the levels of formaldehyde, even in a nail salon, are no higher than those found in any other work place, such as offices, where no nail products whatsoever are present. So what makes some nail salons smell terrible while others don’t? Usually that nose-wrinkling odor is caused by products used to do acrylic nail enhancements, but you won’t find any of those here at the Mini Spa.

How can you tell if your bottle of OPI polish is the old or new formula? Open the bottle and look at the size of the brush. If it is a skinny brush head, it’s the old formula; if it’s the wide brush head, it’s 3-Free!

If you’re interested in finding out more about ingredients that are in the beauty products you use, please visit





Have we gone loco for local?

Tootsies Love Local - Made In Vermont

Do you go loco for local? We know Tootsies does! On a regular basis we have some of our favorite local companies products on stock, ranging anywhere from skin care and nail polish, to the yummy coffee you smell brewing when you walk in the door.

One local company that we carry is Tata Harper, a 100% all natural skin care line, which is popular nationwide and we are proud to say it was made right here in our own backyard. You have access to Tata Harper either through one of our relaxing facials or if you already know what you want we carry her whole line. Also, the local company Spirited Living has created our custom “Deep Calm” line, including, body lotions, body wash, scrubs and soy candles! You can indulge your tootsies in the custom upgrade for you pedicures for $5 which includes the Deep Calm foot soak, pumice scrub, and lotion.

If you want your nails to go local too, then try our newest addition, Nail Pattern Boldness, made right here in Burlington. The creator of this great line couldn’t find the polish she wanted one day and decided to make the color she was craving and Nail Pattern Boldness was born. With the beautiful and funky colors they come up with, this company is becoming a new favorite for us and our clients!

Have you ever walked in smelling the sweet aroma of maple??? Well, there is one big reason why and that is Speeder & Earl’s coffee! Mmmmm that Vermont Maple French Roast leaves the room smelling delicious, making even tea drinkers want to brew a fresh cup. We offer a few different Speeder and Earl’s coffee choices for our clients, so there is one for every coffee lover.

We are always looking for great new local products for our own professional use and to offer our clients something special.

Dry, Itchy Feet – One Surprising Cause

We can FINALLY put away the winter boots and bring out the summer beauties. It’s always so much fun to go shopping in our own closets and put on the long forgotten summer dress and sandals! But have you ever wondered why your feet may get itchy or dry as soon as you start wearing your flip flops?

Is it possible last year’s bacteria is still living in your sandals?

Dry Itchy Feet Cure at Tootsies SpaWe’ve learned that it can be because of bacteria that’s been contentedly living there since you last wore them. Gross, I know, but it happens. Don’t fear, we have the cure! It’s called FootLogix antibacterial shoe deodorant spray and it does more than refresh your shoes, it kills bacteria that can cause skin cells to become dehydrated and flakey.

FootLogix Dry Itchy Feet Cure at Tootsies SpaSo before you slip into those gorgeous sandals your feet have been yearning for, protect yourself with FootLogix spray, one of many amazing FootLogix products we carry to keep your feet in tip-top shape for flip-flop season!