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You don’t have to choose just one of us….

As many of you know, one of our favorite team members has been out on maternity leave. While we have all missed Krista’s company, it did create an opportunity to have some fun conversations with guests that usually have their services with her. Krista will be returning in February, and some of our clients have been asking the question, “Who am I supposed to see when she comes back”? The answer is whomever you want! We don’t take it personally when our guests have services with multiple providers. In fact, it’s an enormous compliment… We are all so great that it’s become hard to decide whom you’d like to see!

The Mini Spa TeamMore often than not, we women tend to be very loyal, staying with our favorite beauty technicians for years. At The Mini Spa VT, we recognize this and welcome you to request your favorite spa service provider, BUT, we also encourage you to try us all, GUILT FREE! We offer a high standard of service, and you will get a quality shellac, pedicure, facial, or massage, no matter who is doing that service for you.

If your schedule doesn’t match up with your favorite gal, or you heard one of us loves to go crazy with glitter and you want to give that a try, don’t be afraid to see someone else! Challenge your comfort zone, and see someone new each time you come in! Let us help you conquer your fear of being a  “cheater”.

Rosie the Riveter, WHO?

Halloween has always been a favorite time of year for me. Leaves are falling and crunching under foot, the air is crisp and pumpkin seeds are roasting in the oven. Kids are excited about the candy gathering to come, and the big question looms… What will I be for Halloween? This year, The Mini Spa team decided to have a group theme, and represent images from different decades; which made for a very fun work day, and oddly enough, an opportunity to learn something new.

All of the costumes were really great and most were easy to identify, but there was one that I couldn’t place. Who was Casey supposed to be? They told me she was Rosie the Riveter, and again, I asked, “who”? As it turns out, I was in serious need of a history refresher.

Casey as Rosie the RiveterThe short and sweet of it is this: Rosie was a fictional propaganda character that the government created as part of a campaign to get women to be agreeable in leaving their domestic workloads and fill in for the missing male workers in factories during the beginning of WWII. She was not meant to become an iconic image for women’s rights, but she stands out today as a symbol for empowerment of women.

Working in an all woman environment at The Mini Spa, I’m glad the way was paved for us to be a part of the labor force, and I thank my co-worker, Casey, for being the source of my inspiration on this week’s blog. If you’d like to learn more about Rosie the Riveter, there are many good websites loaded with details on the topic!

Myth or Reality: Nails need to breathe.

As cosmetologists and nail technicians working at Tootsies, we get asked for our opinions on a lot of topics every day. “What shape would make my nails look the best?” “What’s the popular color choice this season?” “What looks right with my skin tone?”

Nails Do Not BreatheOne question that deserves a mass answer is, “Do my nails need a break from polish?”  Here are a few things you should know…. There seems to be a general misconception that nails need to “breathe”… To dispel the myth and help you understand, here is a description of the make-up of a nail and how it gets it’s nourishment, courtesy of  Nail Systems International.

Blood vessels provide oxygen and nutrients to the hand, fingers, and nails through millions of tiny blood vessels. The veins carry waste and carbon dioxide way. This intricate process is what feeds the matrix, so the matrix can produce healthy nail cells.

These healthy nail cells make up the surrounding soft tissue of the nail plate, eponychium, lateral folds, hyponychium, bed epithelium, etc. These are all living tissue. The nail bed is also living tissue consisting of a dermal and epidermal layer. The upper layer is similar the type of skin found on the inside of your mouth. This is also the layer that is attached to the underside of the natural nail plate.

The natural nail plate is a moveable solid and rides a rail and grove track to move out and grow. It is primarily comprised of keratin (just like your hair). The natural nail plate is not living – it does not breathe. Because it is made up of non-living keratin, it does not hurt to have your nails clipped – same as it doesn’t hurt to have your hair cut. The nail plate is healthy when the health of the nail bed, matrix and surrounding tissue are properly cared for – it does not need to “breathe” to be healthy.

Even though your nail doesn’t “breathe”, let me just emphasize that the nail bed, matrix, and surrounding tissue, do need to be cared for, and just like your hair, benefit greatly from regular conditioning. Taking your polish off a few days before a visit, to treat it with cuticle oil is a great way to help your nails stay pink and healthy. Another way to get conditioning is to opt for no polish with your winter pedicure. Our winter pedicure is all about treating the skin well, warming you up, and increasing circulation with our hot boots and rich Vermont made peppermint chocolate products.

Ultimately, weather or not you should take a break from polish is a personal choice…. And if your not sure, come in for a pedicure and ask us! We are always ready to talk with you about your nails and their good health.


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Have You Ever Cheated On Your Service Provider?

Have you ever had a hair cut that wasn’t quite what you wanted?  Or while getting a color treatment you noticed the stylist across the room with the funky hair and thought “wouldn’t she be so much fun to visit with!”  But maybe you felt that if you saw someone else you would be “cheating” on your current provider. If you have ever felt this way, you are not alone! More often than not, women tend to be very loyal, staying with our favorite beauty consultant for years, even when we’re not in love with the outcome anymore.

Get What You Want At Tootsies SpaWe think it’s a shame that anyone should feel this way!  At The Mini Spa we recognize and celebrate the differences in our service providers personalities and style.  We share knowledge and rely on the assistance we give one another.  Of course we welcome you to request your favorite spa service provider, but we also encourage you to try us all, GUILT FREE!  We’re all perfectionists in our own way, which makes for a shared high standard of service.  You will get a quality pedicure, shellac, facial or waxing no matter who you see.

So if your schedule doesn’t match up with your favorite gal, or you’ve heard one of us loves to go crazy with glitter and you want to give that a try, don’t be afraid to see someone else! Challenge your comfort zone, and see someone new each time you come in! Let us help you conquer your fear of being a “cheater”.

Too Embarrassed To Get A Pedicure?

Let your embarrassment go - Tootsies offers fabulous pedicures for everyone!Too embarrassed by your feet to get a pedicure?

There’s no need to be – this is why…..

It’s not uncommon for women (and men) to avoid getting pedicures because they think their feet are “too bad” to bother. Whether it’s because of a bunion or stubby toenails to name a few, others will notice our perceived “defects” less when the foot is well groomed. People notice a nice pedicure, not a crooked toe, when we care for our feet. But that same crooked toe will stick out like a sore thumb (haha!) when foot care is ignored.

We hear many women apologize because they think their feet are the worst, but the truth is, most feet are pretty average and there‘s no need to apologize. We’ve seen all kinds…extra toes, missing or bruised nails, “weird” pinky toes, and dried up heels don’t even make us blink. If feet bothered us we wouldn’t be in this business!

If you think your feet aren’t worthy of a pedicure, think again! YOU deserve a feel-good sugar scrub, a tingly mint mask removed with hot steamy towels, a long and luxurious massage…and the icing on the cake is perfectly polished toes that you can be proud of.

The bottom line – Feet always look and feel better after some T.L.C. at Tootsies.


Mini Spa Manager