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Are Men’s Razors Better Than Women’s?

The debate if men’s razors are better then women’s is always swirling around the shaving universe. Recent studies show that at least 30% of women prefer to use a men’s razor over the women’s razor on a daily basis. Are they really different though? They both have the same amount of blades so they should work the same right? Wrong! Besides color, style, and price (women’s are always more expensive) there is a few differences that should be mentioned when you are choosing your next razor at the drug store.


Mens' RazorMen’s facial hair is thick and requires a more aggressive shave to provide the smooth and close shave that men want, because of this the razor is angled differently than women’s(which are more flat). Some women report that they get more nicks and cuts when using a men’s razor while some (including myself) say that they get a smoother shave with less irritation.


Most women’s razors are more rounded and made to fit the contours of the female body. The heads of the razor also pivot more than men’s so they can adjust to our body shapes. Makes sense to have a razor made specifically for  a woman’s body shape, since we shave well over 600 square inches of our body compared to guys that only shave about 38 sq. inches. Does it really make a difference though?


Through all my research I still can’t say if men’s razors are better, but I can say that most of the women I have asked choose to steal their male counterparts razors when he isn’t looking because, as I have discovered, get a much smoother shave than I ever did with my ladies razor. You can be the judge…. Do you like men’s or women’s razors better?

New Year’s Eve Sparkle! Manicure and Makeup Tips

Christmas is over and there is less then a week left of 2013!  With New Year’s Eve just days away its time to think about how we will sparkle in the new year.  How about we start with nails and makeup?

Glitter Makeup and NailsWhat better way to ring in the new year then to let your outside shine as much as you do on the inside.  Glitter is hot hot hot for both makeup and nails in the new years celebration. Pinterest is flooded with all sorts of new years nails and they all contain sparkle!

The most recent favorite at the Mini Spa has been the ombre sparkle.  This specific sparkle is thicker at the tip of the nail and gets lighter as you go up.  You can do it with no base color underneath or add a hot color as the base, such as red or hot pink!  If you want to make colors really pop but don’t necessarily want any glitter, paint a white base coat then add your bright neon colors to make them really stand out!

Want some sparkle but not too much?  You can always go for our favorite the party nail, pop nail, or whatever you want to call it.  Choose one or two fingers on each hand to stand out, the most popular choice is the ring fingers though our clients have been branching out to do multiple fingers.

What about makeup you ask?  Well, lets just say the glitter doesn’t stop at your hands.  Glitter and colored eyeliners can add a pop to any makeup!  You can also add some sparkly lip gloss on top of your lipstick to add some shine while you are drinking your champagne at midnight!  Before applying any of your New Year’s Eve makeup make sure you add a primer to keep your makeup on for hours!!!

If you need some ideas or suggestions on how to do your nails and makeup make sure you give us a call to meet with our amazing makeup artist or talented nail professionals to get you ready for the new year countdown!

Beauty Uses For Pumpkin – Tips and Tricks

We all love carving our pumpkins this time of year. We make funny faces, scary faces, or crazy designs, but did you know that the pumpkin has more uses then just for decoration? The vitamin packed pumpkin has some amazing beauty uses, so here are some tips and tricks to get you through this spooky season…

Pumpkin for Beauty - Recipes & TipsSo why is pumpkin good for you? Well, for starters pumpkin contains high levels of beta carotene, which the body naturally converts to vitamin A. It also contains antioxidants and enzymes that speed up cell turnover and creates a healthier, younger looking skin. You can use pumpkin in a variety of body product recipes including, hair conditioners, moisturizers, facial masks, sugar scrubs, and more! Here are a few basic recipe ideas to get you started!

The Pumpkin Foot/Hand Scrub: Using pureed pumpkin, sugar, your choice of essential oils, cinnamon, and vanilla, you will have a delicious smelling scrub for those dry hands and feet that we get this time of year!

The Pumpkin Body Cream: For extra moisture for you dry skin you can use a mix of pumpkin, coconut oil, and ground cinnamon to make a body cream. Make sure you put it on in the shower and rinse off with warm water then gently dry skin with a towel.

The Hair Conditioner: Combine 1 cup pureed pumpkin, half cup yogurt, and 2 tablespoons of honey in a mixing bowl. Apply to the hair from root to tip and place a shower cap over your head to trap in the heat. Let sit for 15 minutes and rinse. Follow up with your regular routine and you will find your hair shiny and silky smooth!

These are just a few ways you can use pumpkin in your fall routine but there are so many other ways to get the benefits. So, before you throw those scraps away after carving or making your pumpkin pie, put some aside to give yourself a little beauty treat.


The Mosquito Bite Relief Right On Your Fingertips – Clear Nail Polish!

Mosquito Bites - How to Stop the Itch FAstIs it just us or are the mosquitoes going crazy this year?  We see everyone itching and covered with bites from head to toe. Did you know you can find relief in your nail salon or in your at home polish collection? Clear nail polish is one way to help relieve that annoying itch and most people have never even heard about it! Its unknown why clear polish works but they’re a few theories. One theory is, the polish can act as a seal to protect the bite while relieving the itch by not allowing oxygen to get into the opening.  While another theory suggests, when a mosquito bites, blood wants to rush to the opening but because mosquitoes release an anti-clotting protein it cannot seal the wound, therefore, the clear nail polish will act as a seal and make the opening more stable so the blood can clot.

While research isn’t available to confirm either theory we have discovered that it really works. However, this trick works best on a fresh bite, if you have scratched it too much and have opened the bite it can cause it to sting a little bit, but the sting subsides once the polish dries. I have been using this technique since I was a kid and I have found if I get the bite right away it is usually gone within 24 hours with absolutely no itching!  When you are ready to remove the clear nail polish, just peel it off and reapply if you needed. While we can’t keep the mosquitoes away, we can at least relieve the itch with our beauty supplies, good luck!

Have we gone loco for local?

Tootsies Love Local - Made In Vermont

Do you go loco for local? We know Tootsies does! On a regular basis we have some of our favorite local companies products on stock, ranging anywhere from skin care and nail polish, to the yummy coffee you smell brewing when you walk in the door.

One local company that we carry is Tata Harper, a 100% all natural skin care line, which is popular nationwide and we are proud to say it was made right here in our own backyard. You have access to Tata Harper either through one of our relaxing facials or if you already know what you want we carry her whole line. Also, the local company Spirited Living has created our custom “Deep Calm” line, including, body lotions, body wash, scrubs and soy candles! You can indulge your tootsies in the custom upgrade for you pedicures for $5 which includes the Deep Calm foot soak, pumice scrub, and lotion.

If you want your nails to go local too, then try our newest addition, Nail Pattern Boldness, made right here in Burlington. The creator of this great line couldn’t find the polish she wanted one day and decided to make the color she was craving and Nail Pattern Boldness was born. With the beautiful and funky colors they come up with, this company is becoming a new favorite for us and our clients!

Have you ever walked in smelling the sweet aroma of maple??? Well, there is one big reason why and that is Speeder & Earl’s coffee! Mmmmm that Vermont Maple French Roast leaves the room smelling delicious, making even tea drinkers want to brew a fresh cup. We offer a few different Speeder and Earl’s coffee choices for our clients, so there is one for every coffee lover.

We are always looking for great new local products for our own professional use and to offer our clients something special.

Manicures & Pedicures – What’s Hot Now

Summer 2013 Nail Trends

There is no better way to get you prepped for summer then getting your manicures and pedicures ready for the summertime fun and there are two words that represent this year’s trends… Nail art! Nail art is by far the hottest trend you can go with for the summer. Whether its glitter, the ombre nail, or abstract designs, our nails have become a canvas for creativity. So let’s start thinking about the summer nail trends that are going to be rocking Lake Champlain!

Are you feeling blingtastic? Then GLITTER, GLITTER, GLITTER it up!

Seriously, is there ever such thing as too much glitter? Letting your nails sparkle is supper hot this year so grab the glitter polish and let your nails shine. Here at Tootsies Mini Spa we also carry CND Additives which is glitter that can be added into any nail polish or even shellac to make it sparkle or used to create awesome designs on your nails.

Darker color or lighter color? Get THE OMBRE to get the best of both worlds!

We’ve all heard of the ombre for your hair, now imagine it on your nails. The ombre goes from a dark color to a light color and it is great with colors in the same family or you can mix and match your colors. It is super cute and can be done with polish or you can add glitter for a little extra sparkle!

Summer Manicures TootsiesAdd a pop with THE CONSTRAST NAIL!

It got popular at the end of the last year and is still going strong into the summer. If you want to do something cute on your nails but aren’t ready for a crazy desig then go for having the contrast nail on each hand. You can go for similar colors or go to a completely different color/design if you really want to make it pop.

MATTE is soooooo not flat!

Adding a matte finish to any nail polish creates a super cool look that anyone can rock. With the shellac manicure I suggest adding a matte finish with a shiny french tip, not only is it eye catching but it gives you a great look without going over the top. If you are a little more adventurous you can make some pretty cool designs between the matte and shiny top coats on your nails from polka dots, abstract designs, and so much more.

So, if you are ready for a nailventure then the next time you are in at Tootsies Mini Spa talk to your service provider about what to do to make your nails pop and get you fully ready for the summer time trends!