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Wondering if the spa or salon you want to visit is clean enough? Here’s what you should know….

Sometimes it’s hard to know when trying out a new salon or spa if they use proper sanitation techniques. It’s ok to ask! Never book an appointment at a place where you receive a huffy reply to your questions about cleanliness. Taking time to go over all of the steps we take to keep our guests and team members safe is expected here at the Mini Spa. Here are our top 3 tips for keeping it clean:

Sterilize vs. Sanitize. What’s the difference and how do I know if their tools are really clean? An autoclave is the only device that can sterilize tools, HOWEVER, not every place that has one uses it correctly. Tools must be clean and dry prior to being housed in the autoclave for up to an hour before being used on another client. But often dirty tools are thrown into the autoclave with the belief that the machine will do it all…Yuck! Beware of this shortfall and feel safe if the salon or spa washes their tools with anti-bacterial soap, allows them to dry and then sprays or soaks them in hospital grade disinfectant between uses.

Mini Spa uses Belava Foot Bath Liners Pedicure tubs: “To Whirlpool or not to Whirlpool?” that is the question. When spa pedicure tubs are properly cleaned and sanitized they are perfectly safe. This requires the tub to be drained, rinsed, re-filled and set for a 20 minute cleaning cycle with proper sanitizing solution in the water. If you’re not seeing this happen before your feet hit the water there is a good chance you’re soaking partially in water that was from the previous client. When there are pipes involved, simply rinsing out the tub is NOT enough because water in the pipes will be re-circulated back into your tub. A great alternative is the Belava pedicure system (used at the Mini Spa, of course) which gives each guest a brand new plastic tub liner. Your feet will never touch where someone else’s have been!

The quickest, most effective way to know at-a-glance if the salon or spa is a place you should trust is by making a trip to the ladies room. If it’s clean and well cared for, the rest of the spa will likely be as well. But if it’s even a little nasty we have just one thing to say: RUN!