Are Men’s Razors Better Than Women’s?

The debate if men’s razors are better then women’s is always swirling around the shaving universe. Recent studies show that at least 30% of women prefer to use a men’s razor over the women’s razor on a daily basis. Are they really different though? They both have the same amount of blades so they should work the same right? Wrong! Besides color, style, and price (women’s are always more expensive) there is a few differences that should be mentioned when you are choosing your next razor at the drug store.


Mens' RazorMen’s facial hair is thick and requires a more aggressive shave to provide the smooth and close shave that men want, because of this the razor is angled differently than women’s(which are more flat). Some women report that they get more nicks and cuts when using a men’s razor while some (including myself) say that they get a smoother shave with less irritation.


Most women’s razors are more rounded and made to fit the contours of the female body. The heads of the razor also pivot more than men’s so they can adjust to our body shapes. Makes sense to have a razor made specifically forĀ  a woman’s body shape, since we shave well over 600 square inches of our body compared to guys that only shave about 38 sq. inches. Does it really make a difference though?


Through all my research I still can’t say if men’s razors are better, but I can say that most of the women I have asked choose to steal their male counterparts razors when he isn’t looking because, as I have discovered, get a much smoother shave than I ever did with my ladies razor. You can be the judge…. Do you like men’s or women’s razors better?